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How sweetpeace helps to soothe Available At

moves like you do 4 seat positions and 3
recline levels mimic the
way you hold your baby.
Patented MomMotion™
moves like you do.

variety of sound options Features a wide variety
of sounds and songs to
keep your baby soothed
and amused; MP3 player
plug-in allows you to play
a personalized selection
of soothing favorites.

adjusts to your needs Thoughtfully designed
frame holds most Graco
infant car seats; choice of
AC plug-in or battery
operation; removable seat
doubles as a convenient
floor rocker.

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Wisdom From the Heart

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Learn More Tips: Your heart knows to soothe, and we know some tips to help.

Long crying stretches can give your
baby gas.
If baby's been crying for a
while, try burping her. It might make
both of you feel better.

Dancing is a great way to calm a
Put on your favorite slow
dancing music, hold her close, and
do a little swaying cheek-to-cheek.

There's no such thing as spoiling a
baby with attention.
Picking up your
baby when she cries teaches her that
you're there when she needs you.

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